Formulas & Transactions configuration; Initial import


Employee Basics, Change workflows set-up, Patterns


Activation & Validation Rules; Ckeck-ups


Management: Activation & Validation of data


Workflows; Manual filling in or Data import


Payroll Report; D112; Accounting note

  • Average deployment duration: 6 weeks (including one month parallel)
  • Set-up & configuration based entirely on rigorous analysis of payroll reports and practices; While most systems are rigid, our solutions allow a detailed version of the payroll set-up, highlighting all distinct revenue types (e.g.: when employees are eligible to receive more bonuses each individual gross amount is reflected in distinct columns)
  • As part of the initial set-up, we design and deploy customized wizards to assist payroll specialists (we include smart workflows and data input quality checks)
  • Initial set-up includes all active employees (if history data is available we provide on-demand support for reconstruction)
  • Active support during deployment – 100% – all deployment phases are supervised by a senior with significant practical experience
    Initial training is fully customized to address specific roles and duties and includes a monthly procedure and workflows review
  • Implementation costs are calculated based on complexity and overall no. of employees
  • For internal usage you can choose between: License Model and SaaS Model
  • In case of outsourcing, all costs are included in the services offer

All packages include a high level of support (see the Support services section). Prices are available on request based on minimum input details (e.g.: no. of employees, no. of registered locations, etc.)


The level of support and practical assistance that we include by design in all service offerings is our main differentiator in the market. While most providers assign a project team based mainly on technical expertise we match your context and requirements with our smart, experience based capability matrix. No matter the acquisition model you benefit from 24/7 support in the first 2 months (calculated based on Go-live date). Afterwards, you can access on demand support for advanced tasks that require special attention. The following is a list of basic and complementary support services:

  • Detailed analysis of requirements

    we run a full review of your active HR policy (including ROI & CCM), and document in details time & attendance rules - related to both operational activity and payroll processing

    Included in deployment cost
  • Scenarios and Demos

    we set-up an interactive session to illustrate the way the system manages actual requirements (customized demos)

    Included in deployment cost
  • System confirguration

    we manage all initial settings from data import, formulas set-up, to payroll report structure and formatting, as well as interactive wizard design for workflow control

    Included in deployment cost
  • Payroll process audit

    we run a detailed health diagnosis of legal compliance + assessment of control level and quality checks

    Included in deployment cost
  • Monthly data & work flows (re)design

    we run a customized initiative that targets remodeling for maximum efficiency and control (including customized user guides)

    Included in deployment cost
  • Complex reports on demand

    we design customized reports to match internal requirements

    25 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Multi-systems integration

    we add import/ export features for improved interaction between distinct systems (e.g.: SAP, ERP, HRMS, Payroll systems etc.)

    25 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Customized Workshop - Dynamic Payroll

    interactive session targeting a "zero errors mentality and culture"

    500 EUR/ session (plus VAT)