Employment records; REGES; History display


Templates library & version control; Archiving; OPIS


Requests & approvals; Payroll input data; Accruals


Configuration; Eligibility rules; Monthly validation


KPI; Support for decision makers; Audit proof


Online payslips; Employee forms & Status change

  • Average deployment duration: 3 weeks
  • Standard set-up includes data imports based on availability (if historic data is available)
  • Initial import mapping of data (advanced import features that allow users to transfer data from one system to another without having to adjust to rigid complex templates)
  • Flexible payslips configuration (admin users have maximum control when it comes to the actual structure and order of payslips’ content)
  • Active support during deployment – 100% – all deployment phases are supervised by a senior with significant practical experience
  • The initial training is fully customized to address specific roles and duties and includes a monthly procedure and workflows review
  • Implementation costs are calculated based on complexity and overall no. of employees
  • For internal usage you can choose between: License Model and SaaS Model
  • In case of outsourcing, all costs (including access) are included in the services offer

All packages include a high level of support (see the Support services section). Monthly reference prices for 100 employees (SaaS model) are as follows:


    Employee data & Records, Employment documents issuing, Interactive Calendar, OPIS, Employment History, Reporting, Automated reminders and notifications + 2 hours/ month technical support or HR assistance

    150 EUR/ month (plus VAT)

    HR Basic + Time-off management, Accruals, Employee forms, Employee Self-Service + 4 hours/ month technical support or HR assistance

    225 EUR/ month (plus VAT)

    HR Fundamentals + Comp & Ben, Online Payslips, Internal communication + 6 hours/ month technical support or HR assistance

    300 EUR / month (plus VAT)

    We can structure customized, hourly rate based packages for on-going support

    On demand

The level of support and practical assistance that we include by design in all service offerings is our main differentiator in the market. While most providers assign a project team based mainly on technical expertise we match your context and requirements with our smart, experience based capability matrix. No matter the acquisition model you benefit from 24/7 technical support for users. The following is a non-limitative list of complementary services:

  • Reconstruction of employment relations data

    once we're done you get instant access to full employment history records; the operational efficiency and accuracy is significantly improved (e.g.: fast issuing of employment summary form)

    15 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Employee files audit

    we run a comprehensive review of all employment documents that have been issued; we recommend corrective and preventive actions.

    15 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • HR Operations Review

    we structure and manage a detailed analysis of all HR related policies, processes and procedures to check for both compliance and efficiency vulnerabilities

    20 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Job descriptions (re)design

    we structure, review or upgrade the content off selected jobs to make them relevant and compliant relevant for both legal and operational purpose

    20 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Support for decision makers

    we document a detailed contextual analysis of options in case of planned or mandatory changes of active policies and practices (including legal validation of scenarios)

    30 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Tactical support

    we provide detailed and practical recommendations on how to address specific legal changes (including actual operational changes that need to be implemented)

    35 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • (Re)design of pay systems and salary grids

    we make sure pay systems are efficiently structured for maximum impact in terms of achieving the actual business objectives

    30 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • (Re)design bonus schemes

    we introduce a new level of relevance into all performance based rewards systems inside your organization

    30 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Support for budgeting & forecasting

    we provide practical assistance in building well-structured budgets (including scenarios mapping)

    35 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • User experience (re)design

    we design and deploy customized interfaces for users to increase tools usage

    25 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Complementary workflows automation

    we come up with practical solutions to extend systems coverage to all processes that affect HR administration (e.g.: SSM & PSI scheduling)

    25 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Multi-systems integration

    we add import/ export features for improved interaction between distinct systems (e.g.: SAP, ERP, HRMS, Payroll systems etc.)

    25 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)