Scheduling; Utilization rate; Change management


Shifts management; Restricted access rules


Tracking; Tolerance levels; Validation rules


Gap management, Manual corrections; Forms issuing


Formulas; Rules; Totals; Export; Archiving


Access- levels; Roles & Rights; Activity reports

  • Average deployment duration: 5 weeks (including 1 cycle for monthly validation of the time & attendance consolidated report)
  • Complete set-up of active employees (including groups configuration based on working patterns and locations)
  • Calibration, tolerance levels rules set-up and totals formulas activation are fully customized to meet payment rules and practices
  • All workflows and procedures are documented in details
  • Active support during deployment: 100% – all deployment phases are supervised by a senior with significant practical experience in both time & attendance data management and payroll processing
  • The initial training is fully customized to address specific roles and duties and includes a detailed revision of monthly procedure
  • Implementation costs are calculated based on complexity and overall no. of employees
  • For internal usage: License Model (250 employees/ license)
  • In case of outsourcing, all costs (including access) are included in the services offer

All packages include a high level of support (see the Support services section). Prices are available on request based on minimum input details (e.g.: no. of employees, no. of registered locations, no. of access points, active working patterns etc.).


The level of support and practical assistance that we include by design in all service offerings is our main differentiator in the market. While most providers assign a project team based mainly on technical expertise we match your context and requirements with our smart, experience based capability matrix. No matter the acquisition model you benefit from 24/7 support in the first 2 months (calculated based on Go-live date). Afterwards, you can access on demand support for advanced tasks that require special attention. The following is a list of basic and complementary support services:

  • Detailed documentation of requests

    we review and document planning files, actual time & attendance reports and payroll reports to understand operational requirements and payment rules that need to be managed by the system

    Included in deployment cost
  • Scenarios and test demos

    we set-up an interactive session to illustrate the way the system manages actual requirements (customized demos)

    Included in deployment cost
  • System configuration

    we manage all initial settings from data import, groups definition, tolerance levels, formulas set-up, to reporting formatting

    Included in deployment cost
  • Workflow documentation

    we issue customized user guides and detailed support documentation for internal instruction

    Included in deployment cost
  • Access cards issuing

    we activate access cards (correlation between card id and employee id) in case of temporary unavailability of internal resources

    15 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Support for re-configuration

    we find solutions to accommodate changes that need to be implemented into the system based on operational remodeling decisions

    25 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Complex reports on demand

    we design customized reports to match internal requirements

    25 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Support for additional access points set-up

    we evaluate impact and come up with a structured implementation solution

    On demand
  • Tactical support

    we provide practical assistance for improved work-shifts remodeling initiatives

    35 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Time & attendance management - Process audit

    we run a detailed health diagnosis of legal compliance + assessment of control level and quality checks

    30 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • (Re)design bonus schemes

    we introduce a new level of relevance into all performance based rewards systems inside your organization (including absenteeism criteria)

    30 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)
  • Multi-system integration

    we add import/ export features for improved interaction between distinct systems (e.g.: SAP, ERP, HRMS, Payroll systems etc.)

    25 EUR/ hour (plus VAT)