For growing businesses and even mature ones, the decision of when to add Human Resources personnel can be problematic. You will have some basic administrative needs & only occasional requirements for more sophisticated skills.

“HR-on-Demand” allows you to outsource basic capabilities on a regular basis. This flexibility enables you to grow and access professional services when they make the most sense. The cost effective model prevents you from taking on full-time commitments the business may not yet be ready for without compromising the level of experience you could benefit from.


Most of the times, your HR people will routinely be involved in the day-to-day management of employee administration, payroll, vacations and workplace issues. Therefore, their ability to take on additional projects is limited, and doing so usually counter-productive.

What we have also learned from “leaving with the problem” is that, when exposed to overlapping priorities, even redundant processes may be negatively impacted; so finding a way to expend internal capabilities on an as-needed basis makes a lot of sense in terms of both costs and impact.


Making the complex world of HR a lot less confusing by giving you instant access to qualified HR Pros when you need them the most. It’s all about the flexibility every business deserves: by outsourcing projects & tasks you ensure the quality of results and minimize the execution time while making sure competency and ability to deliver is never a concern.

We devise custom HR solutions and programs based on the individual needs and resources of each client, and work to build an open, mutually beneficial and positive working relationship.

  • Short term/Deadline Management – filling in for absences/heavy workload
  • Interim/Contract – project based staffing or for a defined period of time
  • Generalist – day-to-day care to ensure compliance with legislation, policy development, accuracy of records etc.
  • Specialist – defined project skills/experience