In today’s increasingly litigious and highly competitive workplace, confidentiality is important for a host of reasons:

  • Failure to properly secure and protect confidential business information can lead to loss of business/clients
  • In the wrong hands, confidential information can be misused to commit illegal activity
  • The disclosure of sensitive employee and management information can lead to a loss of employee trust, confidence and loyalty

In addition, companies need to consider that there are more and more laws which govern the confidentiality and disposal of “personal identifying information”.


Transparency in the workplace should never be mistaken for lack of confidentiality. While transparency means good, comprehensive policies confidentiality has to do with protecting sensitive data.

Decision makers should be aware that it’s not enough to specify that a specific information is “private & confidential”. Organizations need to make sure that proper levels of access & authorization are in place, especially when having to deal with complex processes that require multiple interactions (like input data for payroll) between multiple data owners using diversified communication channels (email, documents, reporting tools etc.)

  • Outsource activities related to employee data (hiring, employee status change, termination) for all employees or at least for the target group (e.g. TESA)
  • Outsource REGES responsibility (since the reporting includes data related to salaries which usually is considered sensitive
  • Outsource the entire Payroll function
  • Provide access to data in a controlled environment – Benefiq HR platform – so you can benefit from our credentials features that allow organizations to define specific access and approval rules that are relevant for their activity