The truth is that engagement usually becomes a priority/ concern when things go wrong: productivity is low, companies fail to achieve their objectives and no “technical” reason can be identified. Employers often believe that employees are self-motivated individuals capable of matching business needs with personal capabilities. However, in most of the cases, this doesn’t happen, leaving business performance to chance.


Even though your employee engagement strategy and employee job satisfaction are closely related, we always keep in mind that engagement is ultimately about performance, not satisfaction. Therefore, when tasked to re-boost employee engagement, we always start by assessing the “business pain points”. We then identify the business areas that have the highest impact in the overall business performance and start from there.

  • Asking the right questions for relevant diagnosis (if data is not available we also collect and analyze data to support recommendations)
  • Running customized surveys and interviews sessions (we deliver a 100% tailored report that includes a program concept and timeline)
  • Getting directly involved into all the initiatives that are identified as high potential areas of impact (recruitment, comp and ben, time and attendance policies etc.)
  • Designing an engagement dashboard and communicating it as an organizational priority while monitoring the results on a periodic basis

Additional complementary initiatives may include:

  • (Re)designing your recruitment strategy
  • Training your middle management team
  • (Re)evaluating your compensation and benefits policy
  • (Re)thinking your rewards and incentives program
  • Running assessment centers