Mass recruitment means finding large number of prospects, building a quick screening process, designing an effective onboarding program, while optimizing the cost per hire. When planning to conduct a mass recruiting initiative, companies must first identify whether or not the new hires will be long term or just for a specific project. Duration is key when formulating mass recruitment strategies because how long or short employees are needed will determine how much time and money your company wants to invest.


Based on a proven track record of rump-up projects (including attracting over 3000 employees/ year) we know what it takes to design and manage successful mass recruitment initiatives.

We also believe that a large scale recruiting event doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing quality of hire. It’s crucial for recruitment team to define exactly the needs and demands of bulk hiring campaign to draw a suitable plan.


Mass recruitment efforts often swamp internal HR departments. Our specially assigned account manager first works shoulder to shoulder with your team to prepare a meticulous needs assessment. Then we devise a specific recruitment plan, taking care to maintain an optimal level of cost and time expenditures. This cooperation guarantees the internal control of the project while outsourcing the process.

Individual solutions to mass recruitment may include:

  • Preparing needs assessment by professionals with proven experience in the sector and extensive knowledge of the local labor market;
  • Assistance in creating job descriptions and pay scales;
  • Preparing and placing of advertisements;
  • Coordinating concrete recruitment initiatives: Internet, Referral Programs, Student recruitment, Job Fairs etc.
  • Pre-qualifying responses, checking skill set, education and references;
  • Organizing and conducting interviews
  • Issuing and conducting skill tests and other diagnostic assessments
  • Issuing and presenting employment contracts;
  • Initial training.