Studies show that nearly 30% of the employees decide to leave during their first week and another 30% during the first month.

Many companies are currently struggling with high employee turnover rates, shorter retention, and the lack of an effective knowledge transfer process – each of which could have detrimental effects on the success of an organization.


The formality and comprehensiveness of onboarding programs varies widely across organizations, and those considered “best in class” have more formal onboarding programs. We know what makes knowledge transfer programs efficient and effective: while most are designed from the HR administrator’s perspective, the ones that actually deliver on expectations focus on business and objectives.


Our approach is to develop and implement onboarding programs that cover the first 90 days on the job. To make sense, the programs need to include more than just initial orientation. They need to cover team interaction, initial performance review, face-to-face interviews etc. To do so, we get involved in the actual operational process, acting as coaches and mediators in the knowledge transfer process. In doing so, we are also able to identify gaps and opportunities for on-job training and development opportunities – a process that should complement all knowledge related initiatives. We practice what we preach: that’s why, while working directly with your learning and development team (or HR) we make sure they also raise up their game.