A number of different factors can lead to employee turnover, but the following three issues are some of the leading causes:

  • Poor Management: “Employees don’t leave organizations, they leave managers”.
  • Poor Hiring Decisions: Employees may look great on paper, but if their personality and work ethic do not match the company culture, they probably won’t last long.
  • Failure to Meet Employee Expectations: Often the pay, benefits, working conditions & other important features of the organization fall short.

We know from practical experience that Successful Retention is a full time job. It starts before the actual hiring and needs constant re-calibration.

Successful Retention is a business objective & each manager should acknowledge it.

Successful Retention = f (Objective Expectations, Compensation, Training, Recognition, Feedback, Organizational Culture)

What happens is that organizations mainly focus on just one or two parts of the formula therefore risking the overall impact.


We assess how your organization is impacted by each of the three factors listed above and then come up with a 100% fully customized program that covers the following:

  • Providing a competitive benefits package. This includes salary, healthcare, vacation and flexible working conditions.
  • Offering frequent team building exercises. These not only help develop employees, but also increase engagement.
  • Empowering employees to make decisions. All employees would like to feel valued for their skills and competencies and that their opinions are appreciated.
  • Encouraging two–way communication between leaders and employees. You should share information that qualifies as need-to-know as well as information that’s nice to know.
  • Giving rewards and recognition – may include pay, bonuses, incentives and benefits.